To All Industrial Builders

Looking to fabricate a product or equipment,
instead of using the traditional metallic or wooden materials?

Need a Solution with the following Key Benefits?
  • Corrossion-Free
  • Fire-Retardancy
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Light weight yet high strength
  • Flexible Moulding and Shaping
  • Production in smaller quantity than usual

Frp is the Answer

What exactly is Frp?
Fibreglass-reinforced plastic, or simply refers to as "FRP", is a composite material consisting of glass fibres embedded in a
resin matrix. It is commonly used today in a variety of products such as tanks, pipes, ducts, air pollution & water treatment
equipments, automobiles, boats, etc. Like steel, it is strong yet springly. Frp is non-sparking and does not conduct heat. It is
durable with an almost infinite life-span, maintaining its appearance over a long period of time, requiring little or no maintenance
and painting.

With over 25 years of experience and an edge in Frp, we have serviced huge number of clientele across all industries. Check
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